The One New Man Bible text may be quoted in any form (written, visual, electronic page of the work in which The One New Man Bible is quoted: “ Scripture. Editorial Reviews. Review. This is the translation I have been waiting for so long. Finally it's One New Man Bible - site edition by God, William Morford. 91, words in easy to read pdf format. This companion to the One New Man Bible will serve as a useful and constant guide in your Bible study for years to.

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The Jewish Roots of Christianity come to life in The One New Man Bible. This new One New Man Bible PDF version is created from the most. Ephesians The One New Man is not a concept that was born after the life, death, and resurrection of Yeshua, but was revealed in scripture as early as. One new; ; One new .. Bible. Christ's making Jew and Gentile one in himself—as Paul expressed.

The doctrine in these books is based upon the Mystery that was hid in God before the foundation of the world Eph. In these books written exclusively to the One New Man, Paul does not quote the Old Testament scriptures as the basis of his doctrine.

One New Man Bible e-version pdf

Examine Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians and see this fact for yourself. In these Books every verse and chapter is something new and different from anything written before them, Ephesians chapters takes my breath away everytime I read them.

The doctrine of these books is based upon the secret that God revealed to Paul as a prisoner in Rome after the Acts period. Therefore, when Paul says the Lord is at hand, he is in effect saying the Lord's appearing for the One New Man is at hand.

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Christ is never called the Head of the Acts Body in the Acts epistles search the Acts epistles and see for yourself. That would be reading something into the scriptures that is not there. The way the word "Body is used in the Acts epistles is much the way we use the word "student body" or the "body politic" today. Paul describes this Baptism in Col.

It is therefore spiritual and invisible. On the other hand, the Acts Body had more than one Baptism.

If the "Body" in the Acts epistles is the same Body of Eph. The fact that the Acts Body had 3 Baptisms, whereas, the One New Man has only One Baptism should in itself be enough to convince any honest person that they are not the same body.

That verse clearly shows that the Acts Body was a part of the Bride of Christ.

One New Man Bible

What else would you call a woman engaged to be married to a husband, but a Bride? But the Body in the prison epistles is a man, not a woman. Therefore, it is never said to be espoused to or engaged to a husband. These gifts are listed in ICor. They were such things as healing, working miracles, speaking in tongues, prophecy and many others.

The Acts Body was a tongue speaking, healing, miracle working church. You might say the Acts Body was a "Charismatic Church" for it possessed all of the gifts of the Spirit.

But the One New Man does not possess the gifts of the Spirit. The unsearchable riches of Christ overshadow the gifts of the Spirit, and are far more glorious.

And anyone who seeks after the gifts of the Spirit today when they could enjoy the unsearchable riches of Christ is taking a step backward, not forward spiritually. It is a free, unmerited promise with no works attached.

In Rom. I realize that a statement like this may cause a lot of people to get "up-tight", but there it is in black and white in Rom. And if you do that, then you've done the right thing and the thing that pleases God according to Heb. In the Bible different groups of believers occupied different seats or positions of Glory and Honour. In Matt.

In Gal. And whatever position of Glory and Honour the mother has, her children have also. To say the Acts Body was also seated in Heavenly Places is to read something into the Acts epistles that is not there.

That's reading present truth into past truth, which is wrongly dividing the Word of Truth.

The point that I want to emphasize here is that everything the One New Man has now and in the future is in Heavenly Places. Everything about the One New Man is Heavenly.

Please read these verses. This is not true of the Acts Body. Their conversation was in things that God offered them in the Acts epistles.


Their speech and conduct were in accord with their inheritance and hope in the Kingdom of God and the New Jerusalem. In Acts James along with Paul and Barnabas said "Wherefore my sentence is, that we trouble not them, which from among the Gentiles are turned to God: But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.

For Moses of old time hath in every city them that preach him, being read in the synagogues every Sabbath day. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. In other words, there were people in the Acts period that abstained from eating meat and drinking wine for religious purposes and they also observed holy days.


The Acts Body was commanded not to eat any meat or drink wine, or condemn any "holy day" that would offend these people. Those people were of course Israelites, who kept the Law of Moses according to Acts Paul also warns the Acts Body that if they ate or drank anything that would offend Israel that they would "Destroy the work of God" Rom.

It is an excellent comparator to the standard English versions. The Glossary is second to none! William J.

Morford graduated from Hobart College in and was a member of the class of the University of Minnesota's graduate school in hospital administration. Reverend Morford and his wife, Gwen have travelled to Israel several times. He has written three books: There is now some free material associated with this book that you can download. It is in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with voice over.

Download Microsoft Powerpoint slide deck with voice over. Please contact CPI using the email link if you would like your name to go on a waiting list for this product.Hebrew is a very expressive language, so the ONMB brings out much of the power and sheer majesty that has commonly been omitted. In other words, there were people in the Acts period that abstained from eating meat and drinking wine for religious purposes and they also observed holy days. We believe that our outreach should touch the lives of those in our community, country, and the nations of the world.

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